Position in the Batter box

1. Pitcher

As a pitcher, you must be able to throw the ball fast and accurately. You are the most important player on the team. Here are some tips on how to pitch. 

·          Grip the ball on the wide seams.

·          Step toward the batter and push off the mound.

·          Throw overhead with a downward snap of the wrist.

·          Follow through with the fingers almost touching the ground.

·          Keep your eyes on the catcher’s glove at all times.

·          After the pitch be ready to field the ball.

·          Warm up about 15 minutes before pitching a game or before an important practice session.

·          For practice in control, try the “simulated strike zone” idea. Drive two poles into the ground, or use two standards            about 8 feet apart. Tie heavy cord to the posts to form a strike zone-a rectangle as wide as home plate and as high            as the distance between the batter’s knees and armpits. Use a catcher and a home plate, and practice pitching into            this zone. 


A catcher should be a good leader and have a strong arm.

·          Always wear proper equipment while catching.

·          Take a position directly behind home plate, near enough to touch the batter with your glove.

·          Crouch down, with feet apart for comport.

·          Hold your glove facing the pitcher, and keep your bare hand behind the glove.

·          Don’t turn your head when balls are thrown in the dirt or fouled off.

·          Always throw overhand.

·          Encourage your pitcher and team members.

·          Catch all fly balls between home and first base, fair or fouled.

·          Try to block all balls thrown in the dirt.   


      You must be the best in catching all types of throws. Height is an advantage. 

·          The foot opposite your glove hand should touch the base as you stretch to catch a ball.

·          Always stretch to catch the ball.   


·          Be ready to cover second base on steals.

·          Cover first base when the ball is bunted by the batter.

·          Back up or cover first base when balls are hit to the first baseman.

·          Catch all fly balls behind the first baseman.   


·          Try to develop a good arm and a fast response.

·          Block all hard-hit balls. Take your time and make good overhand throws.

·          You must be alert for a bunt or slow-hit ball. Charge it, Grab it, and then throw. Do not throw  while moving.

·          Catch all fly balls between home and third base, fair or foul.

·          Be sure third base is covered  when the ball is hit elsewhere. 


·          Be the leader of the infield and help wherever you can.

·          Call out who is to catch fly balls.

·          Cover second base when the ball is hit to first baseman. Second baseman, or right fielder, and when      someone             tries to steal a base.

·          You should back up or cover third base when balls are hit to the third baseman.

·          Catch fly balls behind third baseman. 


·          You mush be fast and a sure fielder of fly balls.

·          Be the leader of the outfield. Keep others on their toes and help them on their plays.

·          Try to catch all balls hit in your direction.

·          Charge ( run in quickly ) to field ground balls.

·          Throw the ball as soon as you can, never hold onto it. 


For these positions you should be a good hitter and an adequate fielder with a good hitter and an adequate fielder  with a good arm. 

·          Try to catch every' ball in the air. Anybody can catch a ball on a bounce.)

·          Charge all ground balls.

·          Get rid of the ball as soon as you can.

·          Back up all bases in case of wild throws.


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